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Direct Payments and What It Means To You

A Direct Payment is money that the local government give to you. It is a different way of getting the service you need. You can use it to buy the support you want. A Direct Payment is a payment made directly to you after an assessment to look at what you can do for yourself and what you need support with.

This gives you control over who provides your support, how, when and what they do. Direct Payments can help you be more independent and have more control over your life, making your own choices and doing things for yourself.

A direct payment is not a benefit. This means it will not affect the benefits that you already receive. It is not counted as a taxable income.


Why choose Direct Payments

Some of our clients may not find other methods of support meet their needs properly, for example; other providers may not be flexible enough to respond to their needs, they may also find other providers lack continuity or cannot provide the support at a time that suits them.

Direct Payments mean the client can choose someone who can provide the kind of support they want and need at a time and in a manner that suits them.